Living Under The Radar In A Digital World

security_bannerPrivacy isn’t about hiding something.  It’s about being able to control how we present ourselves to the world.  It is the right to keep things to yourself.  It’s about personal dignity.  The protection of our personal information, online and in the physical world, has never been more important.  Law enforcement professionals, military personnel, whistleblowers, and every citizen needs to understand the threats to their safety due to the relentless collection of personal data.  There are many ways to take control of what information is available about you, how it is shared, and to remove data that may compromise your safety or identity.  This is not a one stop shop; but rather a collection of resources that help us understand the issues affecting our privacy, and strategies to control what the Internet knows about us.

Getting Started:
My Blogs are written to introduce privacy enhancing strategies and cover a variety of topics that should be explored further by following links to more detailed instruction.  If you are just beginning to explore ways to protect your personal information, I recommend starting with the Thirty Day Security Challenge.  From there, explore General Privacy, Digital Security, and Identity Management.  My goal is for readers to explore each article and to develop a strategy that will suit their individual needs.  Be sure to browse my collection of Resources which are updated frequently.

Credit Where Credit Is Due:
A few years ago a respected colleague of mine, Michael Bazzell, literally wrote the book called “Hiding From The Internet”.  In 2016, The Complete Privacy & Security Desk Reference (Volume I) was released, coauthored by Justin Carroll.  Michael and Justin are known worldwide for their expertise, and for training military and law enforcement personnel on all aspects of privacy, security, and open source intelligence techniques.  Their willingness to share this unique knowledge has inspired me and many others who desire a greater level of security for their personal information.  Volume II: Physical Security will be released very soon.  Thank you Michael and Justin for your hard work and dedication, and for helping so many of us live a safer, and more private lifestyle.   |   |   Interview