PrivacyM.A. Drew is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran and career law enforcement professional in one of our nation’s largest cities.  First and foremost, he is a privacy and security advocate with a passion for teaching and training others.  As a student of open source intelligence techniques, computer forensics, and cyber-security, he utilizes these skills to assist in criminal and private investigations of all types.  Understanding the depth of information that is available online and unique methods to harvest this data, has developed into a passion for finding ways to protect that same information or remove it completely.

Those who know me best often refer to me as “the privacy guy” when they are being kind.  Otherwise, I have been called a “spook” or a clandestine federal agent embedded inside the organization to collect intelligence.  I am the guy who finds a way to share tips on staying under the radar at unexpected moments during conversations with coworkers, and who goes home to an undisclosed location to wear a tin foil hat during my off hours.  In my line of work you need to have thick skin; and taking the occasional jabs due to my enthusiasm for privacy goes with the territory.  This blog exists because many of my closest friends and colleagues convinced me to begin sharing information online about my research into these topics.  To all of these amazing people in my life, thank you for the inspiration and your willingness to learn more.   – M.A. Drew