Data Removal:

Data Removal:

The website is a data broker that combines a large variety of personal information from public sources.  Their service aggregates real estate records, voter registration records, business information, plus a lot more and makes that information searchable by anyone via a free “look ups” section of their site and also a paid premium service.  Online investigators have come to realize that is a reliable source for target information because many people may not be aware that their personal information is listed there.

If you search here ( for your name, it displays your info. Make a note of the URL.  There is no official opt-out for this site that collects data from property records. The headquarters for Melissa Data is in Southern California. When I did a removal from them I eventually made contact with the actual person who is responsible for doing the removals in their Legal Dept.  Here is contact information for the company and also that individual, who was very receptive and helpful in removing the information promptly.  I recommend sending him an email directly, along with a brief letter or email stating your reason for needing to remove your information (law enforcement, facing threats of bodily harm due to your assignment, safety of your family, etc). Request removal from their database and also include the exact URL where you saw your info.

MelissaData Corporate Headquarters

22382 Avenida Empresa, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688-2112

Phone: (949) 858-3000 OR (800) 635-4772


If you need guidance on writing your removal request, see my previous post HERE for ideas on how to articulate your need to have your information removed.

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