Dis’root’ – Calendar & Contact Syncing

Dis’root’ – Calendar & Contact Syncing

One of the questions I get asked most often via email or during a training session is, “how to you sync calendar and contact information if you are not using Google anymore?” News flash…Google is not the only place that can store, sync, and organize your digital content like calendars and contacts. Since completely abandoning Google, I have never looked back. I absolutly have a need to keep track of my schedule and to keep track of contact information…but I prefer to keep those details out of the mainstream ecosystems like Google and the others. There are many, many alternatives. For this post I will point you in the direction of one solution that I feel works well for most people, and is also within the technical capability of “most people”.

CONTACTS: I am currently storing all of my contact information in ProtonMail. I download a backup of that contact data locally as part of my routine backup strategy, so that I always have a current backup of important contacts in my life. In the future, ProtonMail plans to add an encrypted calendar functionallity to their service. I (and many others) are watching that progress closley and look forward to the day when ProtonMail can also handle calendar tasks to their service. Untill then, I am using a service called Disroot.org to manage calendar and scheduling needs across my devices. If you are looking for a streamlined way to manage your calendar and/or contacts, I recommend using NextCloud, via Disroot.org.

CALENDARS: Disroot is a platform providing online services based on principles of freedom, privacy, federation and decentralization. No tracking, no ads, no profiling, no data mining. Period.

A free account offers you the ability to use temporary file storeage services, email, a private pastebin, cloud services, and much more. Their model is base on transparency, openness, and privacy.

The NextCloud service offers an open source file collaboration software. With Nextcloud you can sync & share your files, calendars, contacts and more.

It offers safe, secure, and compliant sharing solution based on standards compatible with any operating system. Most importantly, all your data that is stored on our Nextcloud instance is encrypted! This means that no one is able to see the content of your files if not explicitly allowed by you. Not even the system administrators.

A review of the Disroot cloud services can be seen here.

A tutorial of syncing Calendars and Contacts can be seen here.

Howtodisroot.org provides all the step by step tutorials for your syncing needs across all the device you may have. For example, many of you are using iOS device, and all the instructions for that platform can be seen here.

My goal here was to introduce you to Disroot.org for those of you who are looking for alternative solutions. Be sure to check out the links provided above for more information and tutorials on how to step-by-step your way to getting this set up on your end. We all have different needs and there are many solutions to those who seek a more private/secure way of handling their personal information like Contacts and Calendars. What I have pointed you toward here is just one of those alternatives. I hope this will serve as a road sign to another way of handling your personal information if you are considering a transition from the mainstream providers.

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