Family Tree Now (opt-out)

Family Tree Now (opt-out)

Over the past couple months, a new website has come to the attention of many Internet users and privacy enthusiasts., like many other people search websites, discloses a great deal of personal information on a great many people.  Some of the data it discloses is typically only available from paid services.  Needless to say, Family Tree Now site poses a personal safety risk, especially to those who have been in abusive relationships or work in sensitive professions.

For more information on this website and its founder, Fortune has posted an article which you may find informative.  News of this new website has made its way around the Internet in Twitter posts, email blasts, and a multitude of other sources.  If you have not yet searched your name in the database, I encourage you to.  You may be surprised at what you find.

The process to remove your information is pretty straightforward and I will provide you a direct link to the opt-out procedure in a moment.  Remember though, just because you remove your information from this website does not mean it is removed from the many other people search sites available.  If you have followed my blog and checked out the resources I link to in many of my posts, you already know that the process of hiding from the Internet is a lengthy one.  It is a 100% worthwhile endeavor, especially if you have privacy and safety concerns.  I encourage you to take a thorough, calculated approach, and to be proactive.

To opt-out of Family Tree Now go to this URL ( and carefully follow the instructions.  If multiple records are listed for you or your family, you will need to complete the process from each record you want removed.

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