Silent Pocket: Faraday Sleeve

Silent Pocket: Faraday Sleeve

Today’s article is a review of a product I have been using for a few weeks now that I really enjoy.  The company Silent Pocket has a faraday sleeve that comes is a variety of sizes, perfect for cell phone use.  If you are not familiar with a faraday bag/sleeve, it is used to instantly block all wireless signals to your device.  ALL Wireless Signal, Cellular, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, RFID & NFC in all frequencies are blocked the moment you put your phone or tablet inside the bag.

From Silent Pocket’s website:  “The V2 Faraday Cage Sleeve instantly enhances your daily privacy, security and valuable data. Made of all genuine Napa leather and internal patented radio frequency (rf) shield, we offer your device the most valuable physical and wireless protection. This sleeve is a soft case for when you want to be undetectable, untraceable and unhackable. “

I have simply been using the faraday sleeve at times when I want to be sure there is no digital trace of my movements, or location…you know, when it’s time to be off the grid for a while.  As you know the strategy I have for my cell phone is a set up that offers some enhanced benefits to privacy and security already.  Using a faraday sleeve gives me even more control and piece of mind.

Oftentimes, people will put their phone into “Airplane Mode”, which is a pretty reliable way to turn off wireless signals from reaching your phone.  Two things to consider when using that practice.  One, when you put your phone into Airplane Mode, your phone send a signal to the network that you have manually enabled this mode and the service from your phone drops off.  When you turn off Airplane Mode, your phone again sends a signal that it is reachable.  Also, even when your phone is in Airplane Mode it still receives GPS signals, which means Apps can communicate with your phone and report your location.    I have tested this, in Airplane Mode, while walking around the neighborhood.  GPS signals report the route I take very accurately.  Something to be aware of.

When you slide your phone into a faraday bag, like the one Silent Pocket offers, it instantly drops all communication with the outside world.  The nearest cell tower simply shows that your phone dropped service.  Your phone is invisible while safely inside the “pocket”, but it should be mentioned that the phone will continue to use battery life searching for a signal.  The faraday sleeves from Silent Pocket are made of quality material, have a convenient magnetic closing mechanism, and their customer service and shipping times are excellent.  Rumor is, that a representative from Silent Pocket will be a guest of The Complete Privacy & Security Podcast very soon (Episode #28).

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