My personal collection of links to other websites and resources that I have found valuable while studying information removal techniques, and privacy matters.  I may organize these more as time goes on, but for now, I encourage you to browse this collection of gems and feel free to suggest others you may find.  As I have stated before; any knowledge I have on this topic is due to the hard work of many others out there who are gracious enough to share theirs.  Be a student of the game and develop a hunger for more knowledge.

Privacy Tools Recommendations:

MySudo | Wire | Signal | KeepPassXC | MiniKeePass | SnowHaze | Brave | Authy | System76 | Standard Notes | Purism – Librem 5 | ProtonMail | FireFox | |

Online Resources: Open Source Investigations, Michael Bazzell

OSINT Framework: Online Investigations tools, links

Social Engineering: Tools, podcasts, and resources on Social Engineering

Privacy Rights Clearninghouse: A wealth of information

Electronics Frontier Foundation: EFF – Defending your rights in a digital world

Future Of Privacy Forum: A huge resource on worldwide privacy issues + blog

I Have Something To Hide: You Are Being Watched  Federal Trade Commission resources for victims

Surveillance Self Defense:

Privacytools.IO: Updated recommendations for privacy related alternatives

Reddit – privacytools.IO:

Reddit r/privacy:

JJ Luna, Privacy Consultant: Author of “How To Be Invisible” and international privacy consultant

The Tin Hat: Blog of useful tools and reviews

Social Media Privacy Guides: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram

Removal & Opt-Out Links:

Information Removal: A Strategic Approach

Data Removal Workbook: Michael Bazzell’s removal workbook, updated frequently.

Privacy Rights: List of data brokers

Abine: Removal links & resources

Account Killer: Close unused accounts

JustDeleteMe: Close unused accounts

Search Engine Removal Tools:

Google Removal Tools

Bing Removal Tools

Encrypted Email:

An excellent series of posts on secure email communication.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

ProtonMail Blog

Crypto-Currency: | Review |

Software, Applications & Guides: