Metapho: App Review

Metapho: App Review

I wanted to do a quick review for a useful iOS app that I have been using for a while now.  Metapho allows you to view, edit, and remove the metadata from your photos before sharing them.  It should come as no surprise that anytime someone sends me a photo, I check it for metadata.  I am curious who among my contacts has location services enabled on their phone.  Many of the people I associate with are also privacy conscious, however many more are not.  It never ceases to amaze me how often people share their locations through the photos they share with each other.

I have written more extensively about the amount of hidden data that both photos and videos contain. Photographers find this information useful to organize, track and sort their photo collections.  An investigator or stalker could use this information for other purposes though.  Turning off the location services associated with your phone’s camera is a must for anyone who wants to be sure not to their location isn’t attached to the photos they take. Keep in mind, photos and videos that were stored on your device prior to turning off location services however, will still have location data attached to them.  An app like Matapho enables you to double check the metadata of your photos and videos before sharing them, and also remove that data in a non-destructive way.

The user interface is simple and needs no detailed explanation.  The app allows you to review your photos in the app, and also in the native Photos app of iOS if you choose.  Even though I know my location services are not turned on, I make a habit of checking every photo I share just to be sure metadata has been completely removed. Another way to use this app is to quickly analyze photos that others have sent to you.  If location details have been shared, and if you want to offer some helpful tips to your friends (like I do), then find a tactful non-creepy way to let them know what you learned from the photo they sent you.  I am still working on ways to not sound creepy when educating people I know about this by the way.

Metapho can be obtained for free from the app store here.  The free version allows you to check the metadata of photos on your device.  For a couple extra dollars, you can upgrade to a paid version that also allows you to remove metadata.  This capability is well worth $1.99.  Additional info about the app can be learned here.

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