MySudo – Update!

MySudo – Update!

The blog has been neglected recently, I know. Thanks for all your emails and enthusiasm about staying informed on all things privacy! The past few months have kept me busy, teaching for private organizations, working with clients, and even writing a book. Every day is a new opportunity to learn more and to share more about these important topics and from morning to night I am staying on top of it all in addition to my day job.

In this blog post I want to share some exciting news about the Sudo application that I have written about in several previous posts. Sudo has become an important privacy tool, not only in my own strategy, but when I recommend tools and solutions to others who value their privacy and want to compartmentalize their communications. Sudo is now maturing to the next generation of it’s service, offering a paid subscription model for new users, and adding tons of additional features.

The early adopters, or existing Sudo users who have been utilizing up to nine phone numbers for their profiles are being grandfathered in to the next generation, called MySudo. In the coming months there will be a method to migrate your existing Sudoapp account to MySudo, and also incentives for people to refer new users to MySudo. All of this is very exciting to anyone who has been part of Sudo’s growth since it began and I am glad to see the company moving in a positive direction with all of our privacy and security needs at the forefront of what they have planned.

Today the company’s CEO, Steve Shillingford, was interviewed on The Complete Privacy & Security Podcast to answer questions about the new MySudo, about future plans, and also some exciting surprises as well. If you have relied on Sudo for quite some time (like me) or if you are new to using Sudo in your privacy toolbox, take some time to listen in and stay informed about all the new changes and enhancements.

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