NCOPD Podcast Interview

NCOPD Podcast Interview

Episode 9: Learning to “Hide from the Internet”

Recently I sat down with Jordan Smith from NCOPD, a podcast dedicated to military leadership and self development. We discussed digital security considerations in military and civilian communications.  Listen to my ramblings on these topics and check out the show notes below.  Thanks Jordan for the discussion and here’s to a great new year for you and your listeners!

Privacy Tools Recommendations:

MySudo | Wire | Signal | KeepPassXC | MiniKeePass | SnowHaze | Brave | Authy | System76 | Standard Notes | Purism – Librem 5 | ProtonMail | FireFox | |


2 thoughts on “NCOPD Podcast Interview

  1. I just grabbed Wire and am slowly experimenting with it.

    How does one go about managing multiple identities on Wire?

    Is it possible to have a MySudo-like experience where personal id #1 is separate from professional id #2, which is still separate from ids #1 and #2, etc?

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