Nuwber Removal

Nuwber Removal

Nuwber is a people search engine that organizes White Pages listings, Public Records and Social Network Information to help you safely find & learn about people. Nuwber is a leading Data-as-a-Service (“DaaS”) provider for consumers and businesses seeking detailed insights on people, places and things. The Company is one of the largest owners of public records data. including information on virtually every adult, and has unique access to other commercial data sources. This proprietary data ownership and access powers Nuwber’s network of websites and services that help customers find and connect with anyone, anywhere.

In the past, I identified two profiles on Nuwber that identified my name and home address.  I used the removal link at their website to remove the profiles, which now display a “404 Page not found” message.  When searching myself on that website, both profiles were removed.  The steps to remove your listing from Nuwber are listed below.  I recommend using Mailinator as a temporary anonymous inbox for this purpose.

1. Navigate to Nuwber
2. Search for your information
3. Copy the URL link of your information for later
4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “remove from Directory”
5. Enter an email and generic password so they can send you a confirmation email
6. Check your email and click the confirmation link
7. “Sign in” and click remove from directory again
8. Paste your link int the blank
9. Check your email
10. Your info will be removed once you receive an email conformation

I recently discovered however, that Nuwber still had my information in their database to some extent.  When I conducted the following search on Google…. “my name“ “address” the search results showed multiple profiles of people in my immediate area where my name and address could be seen.  The reason for this is because Nuwber has a section on all of their profiles that show “Neighbors” of whatever address you are searching for.  Again, the direct link to my profile was removed when clicked…but because Nuwber still had my info in their database somehow, and any profile of my neighbor’s address would also show my address.

As I looked into this further, I found that the source code of the profiles of my neighbors showed my name and my address, which in turn made that information searchable through various search engines despite my actual Nuwber profile being removed.  Needless to say, I have received no response from Nuwber on this issue.

In summary…
Nuwber removed my profile via their opt out form.
If I click on the “Neighbors” section of any profile in my immediate area, I was still listed as a “neighbor”.
Those listings showed my name and address (which resulted in Google indexing those pages).
Clicking my profile returned a 404 error, however the name and address still showed up prior to clicking on it, which sent me to the removed profile.

Advanced Nuwber Removal:

The “neighbors” area of each Nuwber profile covers a several block radius around your residence, so there could be a lot of other profiles that point to yours in the manner I described  above.   If the profile of all of those addresses were to also be removed from Nuwber, then each URL for those removed profiles would be removed from Google’s index, thus solving the problem.  Basically you would be removing your entire neighborhood for the purpose of hiding your home address from Nuwber.  Such a removal campaign could be accomplished by using Mailinator during the removal process for each neighbor profile on Nuwber and may take several hours to do depending on how may other profiles point to yours.  A new Google search of… “my name“ “address” would then confirm that this method worked.

As you remove each profile, make a note of their profile URLs.  Once you receive conformation of the removal (in Mailinator), enter the removed profile URL into Google’s URL removal tool (  That will notify Google that the URL returns a 404 error and can be removed from their index.  Doing this for every profile you remove will eventually result in “no results found” when you Google search “my name“ “address”.  You can also bookmark that same Google search so that you can quickly check it periodically to make sure no new profiles have been propagated on Nuwber in your area that point to your removed profile.

Fortunately, the Wayback Machine ( does not archive Nuwber at this time.  Targeting the entire neighborhood for removal, combined with also submitting those removed/outdated URLs to Google via their removal tool ended up working.  I recognize that many people may not opt to go to this length to remove their information from Nuwber’s results.  If your name and address are worth protecting though, it may be your only option.

UPDATE: Privacy advocates are reporting that Nuwber is no longer responding to opt-out requests via their website.  It is recommended that requests for removal be emailed directly to their website.  You may need to send daily repeat requests, and also cite your affiliation with a law enforcement agency in order to get a response.  This is no guarantee, however some people have reported that only after multiple repeated emails was their request for removal finally granted.

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  1. Now THAT is a creative way to get yourself removed. I found my info on their site and will be doing this also. Thanks for the tips!

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