(Opt-Out) (Opt-Out) is one of those websites that appears to offer assistance with removing your information for a fee.  Make no mistake, they will gladly collect your information from “public” sources to publish it for anyone to see.  They are in it to make a buck as a paid removal and monitoring service, that’s it.  Also, if your name is listed on their website, the site is regularly indexed by search engines, making you even more easily to be found.

Their opt-out process is rather convoluted, but they will remove your information from their search results.  Each step of the process attempts to get you to pay for their premium service.  Don’t bite, just remove your info from their website and continue your efforts in the same manner at other websites if necessary.

Here is a link to their opt-out instructions  Find your info, enter the exact URL, and then follow the steps.  It will require email verification before the data is removed.  Make a note of your URL for the final step below.

Additionally, I have found that when you use Google’s webmaster tools ( ) in conjunction with the above opt-out method, to remove or re-index the cached copy of your URL…Google will remove the cached page within a day.  This step keeps that information you just removed from appearing in a Google search on your name.

Hope someone finds this helpful at some point.

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  1. I must be missing something, but I don’t see how to just get one master url for all of sites my data is in. Each one has a separate remove option which entices me to sign up. Do you need to actually sign-up with the site? Do you need to do this multiple times for each sub-section in the search results?

    1. Yes, for each entry you find on yourself you will need to complete a separate opt-out. This is one of the more convoluted removal processes I have seen. You do not need to pay for anything. Each process will require an email address to “sign up” to the extent it allows you to remove the info so you can receive the confirmation email. If you have multiple profiles listed at the site you will have to do a removal process for each one. Frustrating. Thanks for reading and I hope that helped.

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