Podcast 051 – Snail Mail Control

Podcast 051 – Snail Mail Control

A while back I shared my collection of links to take control your mail (HERE).  If you have not yet visited that article, I highly recommend taking the time to rearrange how your mail is handled, remove yourself from marketing lists, and compartmentalize your address as part of an overall strategy to reduce how often your real name and physical address are used together.  This past week I recorded another podcast with co-host Justin Carroll to discuss these mail control tactics, introduce some more advanced strategies, and explain how we can use these methods to our advantage.  Take a listen and I always appreciate your feedback!

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MAIN TOPIC: Mail Control  (Links)

Mail Control
•    What is Mail Control?
•    Compartmentalization
•    Alternate Mailing Addresses
•    Changing Addresses
•    Disinformation
•    The Importance of Credit Freezes

(MD) What is your stance on traffic apps like Waze or Inrix?
(JC) What happens if you get into an auto accident? Is there any way to prevent other parties from getting your information?

Offense: http://melissadata.com/lookups/peoplefinder.asp

Defense: https://hidingfromtheinternet.com/data-removal-melissa-com/, https://hidingfromtheinternet.com/removal-letters/

The Complete Privacy and Security Desk Reference
: https://www.yourultimatesecurity.guide/the-complete-privacy—security-desk-reference.html
Drew’s Website: 
Michael’s Website: 
Justin’s Website
: https://operational-security.com

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