Podcast 054 – WiFi Security

Podcast 054 – WiFi Security

This week I sat down with Justin to discuss best practices for setting up your Wi-Fi network, managing networks on your devices, and using (or NOT using) untrusted networks.


EFF on Intel Management Engine, Purism Complete Disables IME

Purism Partners with NextCloud for Librem 5

Facebook Wants Your Nude Photos

Authy for Desktop
 / Signal for Desktop

Setting up your Wi-Fi network
•    SSID Naming – Wigle.net  / Wigle SSID Stats
•    Encryption
•    Remote Management
•    MAC Filtering
•    WPS
Managing Networks on Your Devices
•    Windows 10
•    MacOS
•    iOS
•    Android – Kismet Smart Wi-Fi Manager

Best Practices for Untrusted Networks
•    Video: HTTPS Certificate Fingerprinting
•    https://www.grc.com/fingerprints.htm

Offense: https://www.research.com/

Defense: Discussed in the the show; https://hidingfromtheinternet.com/coppa/

Privacy.com wants me to send in a selfie with my ID.  Is this legit?  Should I do this?

I recently transitioned to ProtonMail for email and Sudo for phone numbers.  Should I keep those Gmail accounts? Is there any reason not to?

What are your recommendations for Firefox extensions with the upcoming Firefox 57?



The Complete Privacy and Security Desk Reference

Michael’s Website
: https://privacy-training.com/
Justin’s Website
: https://operational-security.com/

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