Privacy Tool: FireRTC

Privacy Tool: FireRTC

FireRTC is a free online phone.  It allows a person to make an outgoing call to anywhere is the US, Canada, or Puerto Rico.  Calls can be made from your web browser, and there is even a FireRTC app for Google Chrome and Android phones that make calling even more convenient once it is installed.  Personally, I use the Chrome app version and the service has worked flawlessly each time I need to make a call.  How does FireRTC aid in the pursuit of privacy?  Let me explain how this tool can be so valuable.

Once you set up a free account with FireRTC and download the Chrome extension or Android app, you will be allowed to make phone calls.  The sign up process is simple and no personal information is required to get an account.  You will not be able to receive calls on FireRTC.  The service is only used for making outgoing calls.  One of the really unique an exciting features however, is that you can change the settings within the app to make your outgoing caller ID appear to be ANY number you want.  Let me say that again…you can set the phone number that appears as your outgoing number to ANY number.  The display on the phone of whoever you are calling will show any phone number you have told it to display.  That can be extremely useful when you simply want to make a phone call and do not want to reveal your real phone number.  Or, if you want to appear to be calling from any other number you designate.

Are you calling a business and do not want that business to have your cell phone number?  As a privacy aware individual, you know that business will log your call and and associate any personal information you share with them with that phone number.  Now you have another option.  Make the call using FireRTC, select any number you desire as your outgoing caller ID, and now you have more control over what information you share.

Scenario:   I ordered a pizza from a local delivery place using FireRTC recently.  I set my outgoing number to display the phone number of a flower shop in another State.  When my call was answered, the pizza place asked me to confirm the number I was calling from.  I gave them the number I used and was then asked for my name and address.  Of course I provided an alias name, and the address of where I wanted my pizza delivered.  I also told the person taking the order that I would pay for my order in cash.  Thirty minutes later, the pizza arrived, I paid for it, and enjoyed every slice.  The receipt had my alias name on it, and I made note of the phone number I used as my outgoing number so that I can use that same number again in the future at that same establishment.  Or I could use another number, maybe the White House.

The ability to make a phone call and have that call appear to be coming from ANY number you choose is powerful.  Use that capability responsibly.  If you use your imagination there are plenty of ways this ability can be useful.  You are protecting your real phone number from being collected, sold, and used to be associated with you.  Another way to do this would be to use Sudo, which I have previously written about HERE.  I hope this tool proves to be useful to some of you.

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