PRIVACYTOOLS.IO continues to be one of my go-to places to research the latest tools and alternative resources to incorporate into my daily work flow. Whenever I consider if there may be a more private or secure way of doing something on my computer or with the software choices I am currently using, I will check for recommendations and insight. The website is very well organized, informative, and updated frequently with reviews and alternative solutions to explore.

The website has been listed in my list of resources since this blog began, but I have never highlighted how useful it is. Today’s post is simply a reminder about this resource and if you are finding it for the first time, I think you will agree how tremendously useful this collection of knowledge is. I am often asked for recommendations on tools to enhance privacy or security, and more often than not the advise I give is based on reviews and tools that I have chosen to incorporate into my digital routine after researching them on

If you are fairly new to researching the topics discussed here, you are likely using many of the mainstream digital tools available to everyone. At some point you’ll consider if there are better alternatives to your current operating system, browsers, messaging applications, encryption tools, social media, virtual private networks, office applications, and so on. organizes many of the possible privacy respective alternatives to closed source mainstream applications so that you can transition to better choices. There are also several tools to test your browser configuration for volnerabilities. The website offers much more in the way of education on all of these topics as well so I hope you’ll create a new bookmark for this site, explore all that it has to offer, and even consider donating to their efforts.

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