You may be familiar with this website,, which shows the full name, address, and phone number of people who have purchased a vehicle at a dealership.  It also shows the vehicle’s VIN, and make/model of the vehicle along with other information.  A great research tool when you know a name, or if you happen to know the VIN because you can query the database for either piece of information.  The more unique the name, the less searching you have to do to narrow down the person who owns a particular vehicle.  

The website allow you to easily opt-out by searching for your name, then completing the online opt out request.  Within a day the name search result should be gone, however….

The online opt out does NOT delete the record of your VIN in their database.  If someone were to know your VIN, they could still do a reverse search on the VIN at their site and it will display all the same information, name, address, etc.  There is no option during the online opt out process to also remove this VIN search information.  Multiple attempts over a week period of time via their online form to remove the VIN and related data went unanswered.

FYI, buried in the privacy policy of is an email address (   By sending a carefully worded email to that address, you should be able to get the information removed within a day.  Articulate your safety concerns and also cite wording from the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, which states that a child under the age of 13 also resides at the address that was posted on their site, connected to my VIN data.

Again, a great site for research…and if you want to remove your data, be sure to remove your name and VIN search results.  Hope that info is helpful.

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