Standard Notes: Review

Standard Notes: Review

A big part of my digital workflow has always included using some sort of note taking application.  I like to keep track of thoughts, links, and projects I am working on by making notes and referring back to them from time to time.  A variety of information is kept in the form of notes on my computer and phone, ranging from mundane to potentially critical pieces of information that could be exploited if it fell into the wrong hands.  I imagine that many people utilize some type of note taking application, and I would encourage you to seek out a secure way to store and synchronize this information.

Back in the day, Evernote was my note taking platform of choice.  A robust, feature rich application.  I have also used more traditional native apps like Apple’s Notes to organize this type of information.  While both of those offer password protected options, your data is ultimately in the hands of a third party and the internet is full of examples of privacy and security breeches associated with mainstream applications such as the ones I mentioned and many others.

Within the past few months, has recommended an alternative note taking application that I have been using quite a bit and I wanted to post about it here in case you have a need to handle your notes in a more private and secure way.  Standard Notes is a simple and private notes app that makes your notes easy and available everywhere you are.  It features end-to-end encryption on every platform, and a powerful desktop experience with themes and custom editors.

Standard Notes is the easiest notes app I have ever used.  It is free to use on all platforms and they offer a paid tire with additional functionality if that suits your needs.  I enjoy that my notes are always encrypted on my devices, on their servers, and not even Standard Notes the company can view my data.  There isn’t even a password recovery option, so nobody can assist in accessing the account if you forget your password.

Setting up Standard Notes couldn’t be more simple.  Download the app for your computer and any devices that you also want to have access to your encrypted notes.  You provide no personal information during the set up process and once you are logged in, everything just works.  The free option allows you to manage plain text notes only with no bells and whistles, which is exactly what I need in a simple note taking application.

If you are looking for note taking app with a foundation built on privacy and security, and also recognized by professionals who value those features, then check out Standard Notes today.  Their website is full of more detailed information on the ways your information is protected and kept secure so that you can write what you want without the worry that anyone but you can read it.

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