Staying Informed

Staying Informed

“The future is not some place we are going, it is one we are creating. The paths are not to be found, they are to be made.  And the activity of making them changes both the creator, and the destination.”  – John H. Schaar

If you are passionate about any topic, you know the value of continued improvement.  In order to stay sharp you have to constantly be seeking new knowledge.  A privacy and security advocate knows that technology changes daily.  Staying on top of the latest tech news, laws, data removal methods, and open source intelligence techniques can be quite a challenge.  I have written about the importance of “being a student of the game”, and today I wanted to share some of the ways that I stay on top of what’s important in this unique pursuit.

On a daily basis, I make a habit of reading a variety of websites and blogs.  Some are written by colleagues and friends who work full time in this field.  I speak of their resources often on this site.  Other resources I use pull together a variety of technology related news and resources that I can scan through each day to find information.  Listed below is what I study daily, and please feel free to share some of your own resources in the comments section.

ArsTechnica – The security section of this site aggregates the latest, breaking news in technology, risk assessment, exploits, and hacker related news.  There is always something new and interesting here and the site has earned a bookmark on my browser toolbar for a daily visit.

IntelTechniques – Michael Bazzell’s website for all of his OSINT resources.  Here you can utilize and learn about open source intelligence tools, and participate in discussions on OSINT and Privacy & Security related topics with like minded people worldwide.  The free forum is a great place to trade best practices with other users and gather intel on what’s new.  Michael keeps Blog current, has a free monthly newsletter, and links to free podcasts where all of these topics are discussed at length.  Online video training is also available, the quality of which is unmatched anywhere.  You can also find all of Michael’s books here.

Privacy-Training – Another of Michael Bazzell’s websites which is dedicated to Privacy & Security topics.  The same forums, podcast, and blog from his OSINT site can be accessed here, as well as privacy specific video training.

Operational-Security – Justin Carroll’s blog and training site offers an abundance of resources that are updated frequently.  He reviews privacy and security enhancing tools, apps, and shares his extensive experience for free in his weekly posts.  Justin’s 30 Day Security Challenge has become a guide for many enthusiasts in the community and he recently updated all of that information with new topics and techniques.  An amazing resource to say the least.

Reddit – The privacy subsection of Reddit’s bulletin board is filled with new and experienced users who post daily.  It is a online bulletin board, so the quality of information runs the entire spectrum from great to not so useful.  It is useful nonetheless because of the volume of information that gets posted.  It is a lot to sort through, but definitely worth a look on a regular basis.  I have found some very unique and helpful information here that wasn’t posted anywhere else on the web.  Bookmark it, and check in regularly as new topics are discussed.  A multi-topic link can be seen here which is even more comprehensive.

Flipboard – I use this app on iOS for one purpose…to aggregate new feeds on topics I am interested in.  It does a great job gathering feeds and blog posts from all over the internet.  I set it up to search for “privacy”, “anonymity”, “security”, “technology”, and other topics.  I think this is a great way to aggregate the important information you want to see each day to save a lot of time.

Twitter – I use THIS LINK to search twitter feeds related to OSINT, search techniques, and security related topics.  The Twitter link can be modified if you have specific users you want to follow, but for me these cover a ton of feeds that I am interested in.

Those are the basics that I look at each day for the latest information.  I have tons of other websites bookmarked that I keep up with regularly also.  If you stay on top of news from this field, your collection of resources will grow as well.  Hopefully some of this is helpful to those of you who are making this knowledge a daily endeavor.  Privacy and security is an ever-changing, and fascinating topic.  Soak up all you can and pass on what you learn.

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