The large majority of my live training sessions are conducted privately for a specific group or agency.  The content is customized for law enforcement and military organizations and scheduled up to a year in advance.  To become a host agency and schedule training for your personnel, you may contact me using the contact form.  At present, only closed training sessions are offered.  This page will be updated with open-enrollment courses, should they become available in the future.


If you feel your need for privacy is urgent due to a life threatening situation; first contact your local police agency for assistance with finding a shelter for victim’s of violent crime and additional resources you may need.

I receive requests for private consultations on a regular basis.  I can provide fee based personalized assistance with hiding your home address, doing business anonymously, hidden ownership, securing your communications, and using information removal methods that may be beyond the scope of what you are able to accomplish on your own.  I can also discuss critical changes in your future habits that need to made to ensure your efforts to remain private are successful.  While there are many reasons why an individual may want to achieve a certain level of privacy in their life; I will never assist anyone who is trying to break the law, avoid being captured, not pay their taxes, or evade legal proceedings.

To discuss your needs for a private consultation, establish a secure method of communicating with us and use our contact form.  You will generally receive a same day response for this type of request.