TruePeopleSearch (Opt-Out)

TruePeopleSearch (Opt-Out)

The following information was originally posted to the Privacy-Training blog earlier today.  In a previous post, I discussed FamilyTreeNow and how that website has very accurate details about most Americans, including home addresses, telephone numbers, emails, family members, and other personal information.  An option to remove your data from FamilyTreeNow is available, which was already discussed here.

Recently, a site that appears to offer a clone of that data has emerged at  Even more interesting, the data that was removed from FamilyTreeNow may still be present in TruePeopleSearch.  I had already removed my personal details from a previous home address from FamilyTreeNow several months ago.  My data was not found on TruePeopleSearch however, others have reported seeing that their previously removed data is now live on the site.  It appears extremely likely that the data source for these two sites is the same.  I am now curious of how many more sites like these will continue to appear online.  This is why we need to continuously monitor the Internet for any new data leaks.

If you would like to search for personal records, navigate to

If you would like to remove your records, navigate to


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